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Hauptforum Forum: Frag of the Month Thread: Astros fall to Yankees for seventh straight loss, 7-5
Astros fall to Yankees for seventh straight loss, 7-5 Seite: « 1 »
#1 am 19.07.2019 um 10:50 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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You’ll have to go back to the Astros Dark Ages to find a seven game losing streak. Oh, it’s happened to great teams before, but it sure stings to be a player in the middle of it, or fan having to watch it. Is it that the Astros don’t care? Have they been unlucky Tony Sipp Jersey, or are the Yankees just better right now?Let us dispense with the first right away. The Astros are fighting, the Yankees know it, and with a hit instead of a hard line out in the ninth I probably wouldn’t be writing this right now. If anything, they are trying too hard, a common problem for slumping teams, and a common Catch 22 situation. The tenser a player gets, the worse he does.How about the Yankees being better. That cannot be easily dismissed. It is a relentless lineup. The two AL leaders in home runs are Yankees. One of them sat tonight. They have eleven healthy bodies right now who are hitting above league average, eight who are 113 wRC+ or above. That doesn’t include recovering Didi Gregorious, or still injured Joaquin Andujar, or Troy Tulowitski.Their pitching staff is recovering from injury, but they can still close you out with their choice of left handed All Star relief awesomeness.And the Astros hit the Yankees at their best. Their team wRC+ is 140 in the last seven days. Believe it or not, the Astros are not actually that bad during this time; 112, but well below their season average.Which brings us to the luck factor Randy Johnson Jersey. The Astros are 4 for 30 with runners in scoring position during this series. During the road trip they are 7 for 53. They have stranded 32 base runners in this series with the Yankees. I will assume that this is bad luck, but perhaps it is a function of 1 above, trying too hard. Who knows?But no doubt, the Astros’ luck was terrible tonight. In the second inning, the Astros got men on first and second with two outs. Jake Marisnick hit a sharp ground ball that looked destined for the left field line, but Gio Urshela made a great play on the ball, and forced out the runner at third.In the third, ditto that, only this time it was Yuli Guriel who grounded out sharply to Urshela with a runner on second for the force out at third.These plays did not seem decisive at the time, because Wade Miley was mowing down the Yankees In fact, he had a no-hitter through four innings and ended with seven strike outs. Then Urshela again struck, breaking, not just the no-hitter, but the shut out with a dink, patented, short right field Yankees stadium “home run” that gave the Yankees a two to nothing lead.But like I said, the Astros were not lying down in this game, and in the sixth Josh Reddick answered with a two run homer of his own, his ninth in this his All Star nominated year.Tie game courtesy of RealJoshReddick!
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